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SciTech sro (Ltd. or Inc. type company) Prague 6 offers a wide range of services and products on the current market. We have been providing our customers with services related to the import of special devices and chemicals since 1991. We currently have the largest level of activity in the field of vacuum technology (Vacuubrand), regulation and measurement of gas flow (Alicat), in the production of pheromone evaporators designed for forest protection (Pheagr series) and in the distribution of chemical software.

SciTech sro offers you top quality and first-class services. Our company is constantly evolving as our customers' needs change and new opportunities arise in the market. We can assure you that in cooperation with SciTech sro you will have the opportunity to use the latest services, technologies and trends in the field. The highest priority of SciTech sro are satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can count on us to do everything in our power to make your business a success. Excellent customer service is one of the main advantages of the company. We are proud to be able to work for you, and we will do everything we can to earn your favor.

SciTech was founded for a simple reason, it was not possible to do legally and properly what the professional and scientific community needed in the business field. The establishment of the company was a logical outcome of business-oriented activities, which began to crystallize around 1985. In 1991, six partners, including chemists, electrical engineers and other experts from IOCB CSAV, decided to establish a business-oriented company to help ensure activities of this type. For many reasons, SciTech accepted the organization of a limited liability company and at the first moment created a kind of business interface for the academic sphere. This is to some extent one of the functions of society to this day. The company's activity began to swell with the principle of a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. In 1992, there was a planned selection of activities and collaborations that gave rise to the current profile of the company. Now it belongs to the main activities of the company m.j. import and export for several schools, research, development and production institutions, however, this activity is not limited by exclusivity or enumeration.

Another important activity was service activities for companies such as Thermo Separation Products, Gerhardt, Vacuubrand, Rudolph and others, where the company worked closely with the Development Workshops of the IOCB AS CR. The business representation of a number of companies in the Czech Republic as well as within the former territory of "Eastern Europe" is also important. As a special type of activity, the search for products, according to the assignment of a business partner who does not know the manufacturer or representation on a foreign market. The production of the immunoadjuvant dietary product itself proved to be unprofitable and was terminated. The company continues to develop and manufacture some products for biorational plant protection, e.g. also in cooperation with foreign partners. As part of its export activities, the sale of HiTech chemicals, special glass and laboratory equipment such as peptide synthesizers is developing. SciTech also publishes books and textbooks. These publications are usually very cheap or are distributed free of charge as some support for professional activities in the Czech Republic. The company is also active in other forms of support for professional activities, has announced several awards for young chemists, supports some foundations, hospitals, schools, professional meetings and libraries. SciTech cooperates with the Czech Chemical Society and the Czech Vacuum Society. Based on the certificate of the Czech Metrology Office, SciTech became a workplace authorized to perform validation and confirmatory inspections and to issue the relevant certificates independently.

The basis of the company's policy is fast and reliable customer service with the maximum dose of technical and professional knowledge about this service. SciTech practices a clean and only "honest book keeping" accounting policy. The company's services are gaining more and more popularity, which leads to a stable and growing volume of business activity. The company welcomes any suggestions to improve its services and product range.

SciTech, Nad Šárkou 75, 160 00 Prague 6, phone 224 311 850, fax 224 311 850, E-mail scitech@scitech.cz

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